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Au Blanc Noir... the Colors of Green

Entrepreneur: creator of shared values

Since 2004, "Au Blanc Noir... the colors of Green" is about thinking and sharing each and every steps of our Going Green Vision.

Making the proximity choices that can demand those who value the sharing of the most affordably effective and ecofriendly solutions.

That’s what our work is made of, everyday.

Our choices, our values

MyABN ... let’s share our resources

It is important to ensure that all partners of a service network can recognize themselves in a project that

  • harmonize their differences,
  • encourages the sharing of resources and of the points of sales,
  • allows everyone to take full advantage of the leverage effect of the pooling of individual skills.

For MyABN partners and their collaborators, sharing is the basis of their project of enterprise and of the economies of scale that allow them to offer environmentally responsible quality services at a fair price.


Clean production: our GO FOR ZERO program

Via MyABN, we limit the impact of your/our activities by organizing the access to our services at your workplace, at home or in our shops on a Drop&GO basis. In any case, we schedule our deliveries during the hours where road traffic is the most fluid.

Since 2004, the laundering of clothing is made at a fair price by Au Blanc Noir using only 100% ecofriendly professional washing products.

We are using cotton made bags, paper or reusable covers and we are proactively creative when it comes to reducing the volume of our non-recyclable waste...


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